The Truth About Burglars’ Preferred Break-In Tricks

We at Robinson’s Locksmiths can never stress it enough: nobody is invulnerable from a burglary. One of these days, your property might be a target by eagle-eyed crooks. All you can do is simple: beef up your security measures enough to deter would-be thieves. Because according to an AMA thread on the popular online bulletin Reddit, a burglar’s biggest enemy is time. Make them spend a longer time trying to break in, and they’ll give up.

Also, it pays to know how they typically go about their “business.” Take, for instance, their preferred areas of entry. Many people believe that the typical burglar isn’t courageous enough to try and walk in through the front door. But in fact, it’s the most obvious entry point of all that they like to go through. That said, it pays to improve security right there. Take note of the tip above: make them think they’ll spend too much time and effort getting through the door, and they’ll leave. If the front door isn’t viable, there’s always a window or the backdoor.

When it comes to selecting a target property, burglars can be extremely observant. Many of them spy on a particular home or establishment for a period. They’ll try to determine several weak points and possible areas where they could sneak in with the least amount of trouble. Burglars will look out for a few signs.

Sometimes, they’ll note the times when the occupants aren’t around. The folks might be on vacation, or there’s a particular schedule/pattern as to when cars come and go. Any ‘sign’ that’s out of the ordinary can tick off a burglar. Also, according to several former police officers, the absence of a pet dog or the presence of a “beware of dog” sign can spell the difference.

Keeping burglars out of your property isn’t rocket science. It only relies on one concept: time. The longer a crook takes to break in, the least successful he is with the heist. Robinson’s Locksmiths can make their lives much tougher. Contact us today to know more.

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