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Remote Controls

Replacing or reprogramming a remote?

Gone are the days of struggling to insert a key into the car lock, while laden down with shopping or a baby. Most modern vehicles have standard remote controlled locks, making life just that little bit easier – until the remote stops working that is. Here at Robinson’s Locksmiths, we stock a wide range of garage and car remote controls. Stop by and see one of our friendly staff in Woollahra to purchase a new remote or get help with your current one.

Reprogram or changing batteries?


We can show you how to reprogram your remote or if you need a little more assistance, we can send one of our skilled locksmiths to help you onsite. Usually, the reason a remote stops working is that the battery has gone flat. Batteries should be changed at least once a year; don’t wait until you are locked out of your car or garage.
Not all remote controls are the same; each model will have a unique signal algorithm. If you need a replacement remote, stop by our shop and we can go through the options with you. We keep a wide range of common garage and car remotes in store and can easily find you a replacement to suit.
It’s tempting to just use your current remote right up until it dies in your hand. If you do this and you get locked out, you could end up having to take a detour to the locksmiths. Be prepared, keep a spare remote in the house, it will keep you on the road and free of unscheduled visits to the locksmiths.

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Remote Controls

We stock a wide range of garage and car remote controls. Stop by to purchase a new remote or get help with your current one.
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