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You’ve worked hard to build up your business and acquire assets, so doesn’t it make sense to protect them as best you can? We have worked with many businesses, large and small. Whether you are the owner of a large complex or a small corner shop, we can help. We understand that you want security that works and is the best possible choice for you. Our highly trained locksmiths are on hand to conduct a thorough on-site survey of your premises and to talk you through the best options for your business property. At Robinson’s Locksmiths, we provide services to the commercial sector via building managers, landlords and building contractors.
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Robinson’s Locksmiths offers a range of options including restricted locks, which are a popular choice for our commercial customers. The restricted locks offer a range of tamper and pick resistant designs that make them far more secure than regular locks.
Do you know who has keys to which areas in your business? If not, then security could be compromised. We can create a master keyed system for your business, where each lock is designated an access right level. An example of a master keyed system would be for a school, where each teacher’s key opens his/her individual classroom door as well as the front gate. The caretaker and principal might have access to all doors as well as the front gate.
  • Restricted lock systems
  • Master keyed systems
  • Cutting replacement keys
  • Recoding locks
  • Emergency repairs

Robinson’s Locksmiths currently provides its Commercial Locksmith Services to small and large businesses, schools, religious establishments and high net worth individuals.

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We provide an invaluable home service, helping you protect your most valuable items and create a place of safety for your loved ones.
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We help keep your business and assets secure by providing services to the commercial sector via building managers, landlords and contractors.
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Security Safes

We can help you decide on the right security safe and lock option for your needs, and ensure your sentimental items have sufficient protection.
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We will have you back on the road in no time with our on call mobile service, which can attend to you and your car, wherever it may be stuck.
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Restricted Key Systems

We can help you increase your security and control by installing high quality restricted lock systems that help you manage access rights.
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