The Deadbolt: Still a Safe Bet for Home Security

The rise of digital locks has made security a lot more, well, digital. No more keys – the latest technology has given rise to locks that are controlled by an app or computer software that you can operate remotely. Advances in the field have also made it possible for homeowners to monitor the locks and engage them, should it be necessary.

Amazing as this technology is, the question comes to mind: will digital locks be vulnerable to hacking? It has already happened to people, in the recent past; and, it is reasonable to assume that as smart locks become more popular, so will the digital ways to disengage them.

We are not saying that using a digital key in your home is a mistake – after all, some of the new lock measures are virtually foolproof and require a primary key in the form of a fingerprint, a code or something similar.

We are, however, saying that the traditional, tried-and-tested deadbolt locks may still be your best choice for home security. As experienced locksmiths, we know first-hand that deadbolts are much stronger and will most likely be a good deterrent to home invaders.

A Keyed Entry, A Safer Life

At the very least, you should retain the deadbolts to the main entrance to your residence. Whether you have digital locks inside or not, anyone looking to enter will still have to get through the main locked-down doors. Do not worry because we will be there to help you with anything you need, in terms of installation. We will even help you pick door handles that will match your furniture so these would not be an eyesore.

Without resorting to numbers and studies that only complicate the situation, the simple fact is a deadbolt lock, especially a 6-pin, high security, heavy-duty one, is much less likely to give up entry. These take longer to pick, and attempts to break it is often futile. Even if efforts are made to forcibly break the mechanism, the bolt will remain in place. It has worked for many people and there is no reason why it should not work for you, too.

With us as your locksmith, you can rest assured that all you value is safe and sound. Not only are we licensed, we offer a Mul-T-lock system. This is one of the best options in the market, and you can expect nothing but a top job from Robinsons Locksmith.

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