Which Belongings Should You Keep in a Safe?

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A security safe is undoubtedly one of the best places for you to store your valuables. Most people will use their safe to store money or their jewellery, but do not realise that they should keep other valuables in there as well.

As a general rule of thumb, if it is valuable, you should put it inside of your safe. Depending on the size and type of safe you have at home, it will give you added security and peace of mind.

Here are some belongings, other than money and jewellery that you should keep in your safe:

Passports and Birth Certificates

Your passport and birth certificates are one of the most important documents that you own. If you are not travelling abroad, it is best to keep your passport and birth certificate in a safe to minimise the chance of losing them.

A missing passport is a hassle to replace. On top of this, criminals, who may attempt to use them in identity theft, may also target these documents.

Insurance Documents

You should keep property insurance policies, medical insurance and your agent’s contact details in your safe so that you can file a claim if needed. These documents hold all the information that you need to access in case there is an emergency.

While you are at it, you should also keep a list of all your prescription medications and information on the doctors and pharmacies that you visit. This way, you will always have access to the medications that you need and prevent someone else from using your prescriptions.

Your Keys to Your Safety Deposit Box

If you have a safety deposit box at a bank, consider keeping the keys to the box in your safe. It is much safer than carrying it around with you.

Other Important Legal Documents

Wills, powers of attorney, investments, retirement plans and all other important legal documents are best kept inside your safe rather than a safety deposit box. Most banks will seal the safety deposit box upon the owner’s death, so a home safe is a better bet.

Family Pictures and Other Objects with Sentimental Value

Family photos, hard drives or CDs with family videos and small gifts from your loved ones are precious and irreplaceable. Storing items of sentimental value in a fireproof safe is especially recommended.

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